Why Film Photography


Stain magazine hopes to create the most authentic online vintage experience possible. The Internet wasn’t around when most of the clothes featured here were made and they were far from the time of high quality phone cameras. While we can’t give up the Internet or our social media presence (how would you have been able to find us with out them), we can keep the photography as purely vintage as possible. This is why for all shoots on Stain, film photography is used.

 Like second-hand clothing, film photography can have some imperfections but that’s what we love about it. Like rare vintage pieces, film photography creates one of a kind images without the continuous shooting mode of a digital camera. And like never knowing what you might find at a car boot sale, you never know what you’re going to get until the photos are developed.

“I think the idea of vintage and film goes hand-in-hand because of the timeless nature of both. Reclaiming a garment feels like bringing a small piece of the past back into the present,” says Negele Hospedales on of Stain’s photographers, “I think I love film photography, especially in its physical form, for the same reasons.”

If you too love vintage cameras as much as vintage clothing you can find the film camera used for each shoot at the bottom of the article.