The Resolution Store’s Second Drop and Car Boot Sale


Ever wonder why your favourite influences’ wardrobes aren’t overflowing with items and always look neat and curated? They can’t possibly throw all those designer pieces out once they’ve taken a few Instagram picture in them. And it doesn’t seem that many of them have an EBay or Depop page, unless it’s under a pseudonym that we can’t find.

The Resolution Store is the answer and takes all the work out of hunting for even the most experienced vintage shoppers. Each clothing sale on the website consists of 1000 items, provided by the top influencers from across the world and lasts four weeks (if everything doesn’t sell out before the four weeks is up).

This Instagram of vintage stores is the collaboration of Alicia Waite, a former journalist and now creative consultant, and Anna Sutton, co-founder of silk sleepwear brand Yolke. The two women started The Resolution Store in September 2018 after questioning where all the PR gifted products that get sent to a plethora of influencers every season end up.

"I've worked brand-side for years, and seeing influencers’ culture grow exponentially, it is an inevitable part of the job that influencers are both gifted and buy a lot of clothes and have a huge amount of followers who would love to buy into their style,” says Sutton, “I became both conscious and curious of what was happening to the huge amount of clothing that donned the backs of the stylish influencers." 

 The brand isn’t only about re-selling the top influencer’s favourite handbags; they are also focused on the environmental importance of extending a piece of clothing’s life and not contributing to waste.

The three pillars of The Resolution Store, as outlined in their manifesto, are, “Reduce by minimising waste. Revive, by helping sustain this beautiful world in our small way. And Resale, to extend the life cycle of our clothing.” The Resolution Store’s research shows that when a garment’s life is extended by 9 months it reduces its environmental impact by 20-30%, compared to if the item went to landfill.

The company has also partnered with sustainable packing service, RePack. Once you receive your order from The Resolution Store, you can return the RePack packaging and unlock reward points that you can be used at any other RePack associated store worldwide.

The Resolution store has kept the exact date of their second collection launch secret, even when asked if they could give us a hint. The only thing we could get out of them was that it would be, “soon.” And of course, to join their mailing list for updates.


If you can’t take the unknowingness of when the next online drop will be, The Resolution Store has partnered with Women for Women International and the organization’s annual car boot sale, She Inspires Me Car Boot Sale. Women for Women and the event support women survivors of war and aid these women in rebuilding their lives after the affects of war.

The event promises to be the, “chicest car boot sale ever,” and a, “one-of-a-kind fashion extravaganza,” by bringing together designers, influencers, celebrities, and vintage stores for a day of guilt-free shopping. The car boots will be filled with pre-loved vintage and never-worn past season items all at bargain prices.

The car boot sale will be on May 11th at Brewer St Car Park, London, W1 FOLA and tickets can be bought here -