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You Can Now Recycle Clothing at Arket

Arket joins sister brands H&M, & Other Stories, and Monki in used clothing recycling program

Arket has announced that you will be able to donate clothing, shoes, and home textiles from any brand, in any condition, to any store location. “Even the lonely sock in your drawer can be dropped off and given new purpose,” says Arket in a statement.

Arket also notes that the first option for clothes should be for them to be, “swapped, resold, passed on to friends and family, or given to charity,” and that as a, “last alternative,” clothing can be recycled and returned into the fashion loop.

Arket is not wasting any resources with it’s new recycling program, as the same trucks that deliver new product to store will take the donated clothing to the warehouse to be collected for recycling.

The products will be recycled through a partnership with I:CO, a textile recycling company that sort through 300 tons of products daily.

“I try and stay away from any high street shops but I’m really happy to hear that Arket is beginning to recycle and it makes me more likely to shop there,”says Erin Young, Depop star.

As a reward for bringing used clothing into the store you will receive a 10% off voucher for your next Arket purchase.

Arket states they will not be making a profit from the donations and any eventual profit that is made will be donated to the H&M Foundation and invested in social and environmental projects.

Image courtesy of Instagram @arketofficial

Image courtesy of Instagram @arketofficial