Come with Stain to the Classic Car Boot Sale


The Classic Car Boot Sale held in Granary Square at Kings Cross is not your ordinary Sunday parking lot boot sale. It is an annual event of London’s top vintage traders and classic cars that feels more like a festival than a rummage sale.

“You can't really compare it to other car boot sales as this tops it. Classic cars. Great location. Food. Music. Its a unique experience,” says a stall seller from Ruby and Pearl Vintage

 The event hosts over 100 vintage traders and vehicles and took place over the last weekend of April. Its not just clothing being sold out of the car boots; craft beer, cocktails, and food are also sold out of vintage vans. And of course the music played throughout the event is from vinyl records.


“We love the classic cars and teaming them up against vintage clothing just creates a whole new atmosphere. When you do the classic car boot it's just got such a great vibe and buzz about it,” says a stall seller from Ruby and Pearl Vintage.

The vintage sold at the event ranged from designer pieces to £1 second-hand rails, sold out of Western inspired trailers and classic 20s Roll-Royces. 

“We’ve had a lot of girls coming through to look for prom dresses, which is lovely to see young girls still wanting unique vintage gowns,” Serna Willson, from Hemmingway Design.

If a trader wants to sell at the event but doesn’t own a classic car, the Classic Car Boot Sale says, “No problem, think of us as a vintage dating agency. We’ll pair you with a classic display car.”

The event fosters a community where people who love all things vintage can get together. You can expect to see traders and vintage autophiles dressed the part in 50s poodle skirts and leather jackets.


“It’s such a great opportunity to get vintage car enthusiasts mixing with vintage clothing traders,” says Stephanie Holloway, one of the vintage care owners, “I don’t mind lending one of my vehicles for them to sell out of because I know they appreciate vintage.”

The date of the next Classic Car Boot sale has not yet been announced, but it is expected to be in either August or September of this year. Keep your eyes peeled on Stain for more updates.


Shot on a Yashica L-AF