About Us


Stain Magazine is a platform for all things vintage and second-hand. Whether you love 20s silk gowns, or 90s re-worked sportswear, or anything in between, we’ve discussed it. Stain aims to be a space for vintage enthusiasts as well as for people who are new to buying second-hand and are trying to navigate their way through vintage fairs and charity shops. We know rummaging through £5 bins can be difficult for anyone and Stain wants to take the stress away so that you’re able to know how to find all the best treasures.

 Stain was created from a love of vintage but also a passion for sustainability. The easiest and biggest way to reduce waste in the fashion industry is to buy second-hand and increase the longevity of an item of clothing. Stain proves that even though the garments may be vintage, you can still be on trend – or create trends of your own (which is highly encouraged)

 The vintage community is strong, vibrant, and full of potential to become part of every person’s wardrobe, and Stain hopes to aid with this mission.